It’s not that something I’ve just realise but I’ve been thinking what do I want to do with my life
of course I do think things like, I’d work my arse off for 10 years or so, quit the job and hello world tour~
well, that is if my income is like… so awesomely good that I can quit just like that haha

ok that’s just a dream wishing it will come true heeeeee~

I’m wondering if I didn’t take engineering in the first place, how would I turn out to be like?
someone better? or might be worse than I am now?
would I feel a lot better about myself?

I love engineering, I certainly do
but… well, how should I put this

don’t you ever feel like you’d like to stop with whatever you’re doing right now and restart your life?
live somewhere nobody knows you, totally new environment
try new things, totally unrelated from before
to do things from the beginning again

it’s not that I’m not satisfy with how things are
I’m comfortable with it
it’s just that… it feels too numb with how life been treating me right now
err that does mean I’m not satisfy with a of things haha

am I the only weird one here that wants to start over my life again? 😆

p/s this painting going to take ages to complete since I’m planning to paint the whole body not just the face and I only work on it for a few hours only during the weekend 😛
it’s umm… looking ok so far I suppose?

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  1. hey hey!! totally understood sis!!
    I was studying architecture in japan,
    came back in malaysia but worked as a QA guy
    in factories, talk about a fresh start ha?

    things like that may happen.
    wait till the right moment and jump off the ship!!
    u might as well be ended up as a fish farmer
    (Bela ikan keli, patin, haruan..)

    • good to know I’m not being weird thinking about things like this haha
      what made you tukar angin if you don’t mind me asking?

      why can’t I wake one day, and pooofff!
      I’m a billionaire! haha

      takut jugak if try something new, make a new start but at the wrong time… (timing xbtul la nih)
      aiyark! merana hidup!

      ahhh risky risky risky 😦

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