Lego Addict!


I think I really am one now! (or I’ve turned into one loooooong time ago?) lol
Anyway, Lego minifig series 3 is out! FINALLY!
I thought it would only be available in mid Feb; I think it was out in Dec 2010 in the US? or was it in Jan 2011? haha
either way, I’m pretty sure it’s not yet out in Malaysia? errr I think la~

I’m pretty free today since I have no classes or labs on Thursday
I went out to get a text book actually, but it’s not in stock =.=
since I was already out, of course I’d go enjoy myself! I’m still a bit too hyper as I’m writing this! haha

Anyway, back to the minifigs.. series 3 is in green packages
wheeeeee~ I’m just too happy to get my hands on those minifigures!

Lego Minifig Series 1 and 2 (yellow is series 1, blue is series 2)

Lego Minifig Series 3

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but for Series 1 and 2, you can know what’s inside the package based on the barcode
to make the story short, Lego people don’t like it and us, the collector too sometimes got annoyed by it since there are collectors that only collect certain minifigs
that means, it’s hard for normal collectors to get certain minifigs
I’m getting confused with my own explanation here haha
it’s like this; there is baseball, cyborg etc minifigures. If me, I’d get all minifigures; one of each
some collectors would only want let say, cyborg to make an army of it. So, no matter how hard you try to find cyborg at the shop, there won’t be any left since the collector has bought all of cyborg

So for series 3, there’s no barcode as before
but! FEAR NOT! someone found out a way to tell apart which package contains what haha
it’s HARD! which is by looking at the package bump; the cheat sheet is available on the internet hehe~
see the one I circled below – that is for baseball player; 3 bumps arranged like that:

It’s extremely hard to see for some of the packages
so I still had to feel what’s inside the package for some of it hehe
I went to John Lewis for this since it’s GBP1.95 there haha; the cheapest I could find in London
I was there for.. 2 hours? or more? and I went through 4-5 boxes of the minifigures! seriously!
the salespersons did come up to me asking if I was ok since I was standing there for too long picking up which package I wanted HAHAHAHA!!!

and 1 of them was like.. “ah! you’re going through the bumps”
another one was saying… “would you mind doing me a favour? if you found Elf and Indian Chief, can you let me know? I’m looking for those minifigures”
heeeeee~ that was funny
I was even given a new opened box to search for what I wanted! how awesome was that? hahaha!!

and the salesperson was telling me how funny it was since a lot of guys were standing there for hours earlier (like me) going through the bumps at the packages hehe
well, what can I say, Hendak seribu daya, tak nak seribu dalih 😛
what’s the English equivalent for that idiom/saying? Where these is a will, there is a way? eh that is di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan lol oh well~

even though I was choosing it properly, I still ended up having 2 Indian Chiefs, 2 Snowboarders, and 2 Cyborg boooooooo 😦 I also got 4 Baseball player just because I wanted 4. Getting 9 of it just because there should be 9 players on the field is a bit too much, don’t you think? how I wish they provide mitten and the hardball as well. Then it would be awesome to arrange the players on the field! hehe~
p/s: I love baseball if you haven’t figure that out. Well, I love watching anime baseball BWAHAHAHAHAH!!

I’d try going to GAME, WH Smith or Argos soon since I’ve gone through a lot of boxes at John Lewis already. They might not change the boxes yet this week if I’m going there again this weekend

oh btw, during my winter break, I was in KL for a few days
and I went to Toy’s R Us in Mid Valley
they have Series 2 near the counter – not much, only 1-2 boxes?
and… the important bit is it is being sold at RM13? ahhh I can’t remember the exact price now =.=
but anyway I can say that the price is far cheaper here!
I think the currency now is.. GBP1 = RM5… well approximately la~
which means, if I buy here, it’s around RM10 hohoho~
it doesn’t differ that much, but if you’re buying the whole 16 of it for each series… that’s a lot! 😛

I was too absorbed with the minifigs that I forgot to check out Lego Ninjago!!!
oh well, there’s always next time 😉
I might want to hang out at Hamleys some other time because they have far more lego than any other places I’ve been to. I wonder if they allow me taking photos…
the last time I went there, they have a few full set on display. FULL SET! was it City, Airport and Fire brigade? I can’t recall =.= whoops

Lego is absolutely making me broke! BWAHAHAHAH!!!
how I wish I could work with Lego 😉
too bad they’re not taking network engineers or even software engineers (they do? I didn’t find any advert regarding any opening in those jobs)

p/s: I’m having my photos for an art exhibition in my uni on this 31st January… so I’ll update about that soon 😛

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  1. .. since I’m not a big fan for those minifig, I think I should reserve any word for it kot.. hehehe

    anyway, looking forward to see your exhibition pic in varsity on this blog.. hahahaha

    • a’ah. lg2 time xmas sale hari tu
      nasib baik sy xde kat sini time sale hari tu
      klo tak… isk agak2 ada duit mkn ke tak skrg ni? haha

      family sy suka mengusik psl sy kumpul byk2 ni
      diorg ckp… suruh la lego2 tu gerak bangun subuh
      klo tak pun… tu bunyi apa? lego tgh ckp ke tu?

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