ALOR SETAR Quick Tour Destination 03


First stop: Souq Al-Bukhary
Second stop: Kedah State Art Gallery
Third stop: Kuala Kedah

An unexpected photoshoot tbh! 😛
and it was on the 1st day of the day! 010111 woooo!
I was out with my family for dinner as I wanted to have buttered prawn heeeeeeee~
and dad drove us to Kuala Kedah wohoo!
by chance, I brought my camera along with an extra 50mm lens!

I was so glad I had a feeling that I need to bring that lens along hehe
I usually just get the kit lens attached and that’s just it if I’m not planning for any photo taking
snap shots have no use of 50mm, no? 😛

since it was rather impromptu photoshoot, we (sis and I) didn’t really prepare anything; not even have a theme in mind! or even props!
usually, we plan before going for a photoshoot so that things won’t look awkward
but anyway, it turned out OK; it’s just that I wish I had taken more photos =.=

here goes some of the photos 😀

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  1. At rite angel, a spontaneous, candid and truly nature pics can also give a great impact with wow factor on the pic itself….

    currently, I love to see a panorama pics with real events & truly life scenario despite of so call a ‘planned’ photography with great looking model/s..

    so girl, this time my preferences are pics no. 1 & 2…

    psst; obviously, a talented man will produce a beautiful & great products even though there have scarce in obtaining the sources & materials..

    • I personally think planning plays the biggest role to decide whether the photos gonna be jaw dropping or toss away in the bin hehe

      if you plan well, you’ll have a theme in mind, you know what you want from your model, and you’ll be able to maximize the surrounding to suit your theme and model
      you’d also be thinking about what kind of clothes, atmosphere that fit well
      and the most important part, you know where you’ll be shooting, with whom, so you’ll have time to do your homework googling about how other people take shots of the theme you have in mind

      randomly taken photos without looking back at it thinking if I do it this way… or without having an idea what you’re trying to do will end up as snap shots instead of usable photos 😛
      it’s a different thing if you’re doing it for fun and not expecting good photos

      that’s what I think la 😛

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