ALOR SETAR Quick Tour Destination 02


First stop: Souq Al-Bukhary
Second stop: Kedah State Art Gallery

remember this post titled ALOR SETAR Quick Tour Destination 01 last September?

well, since I’m back in Malaysia for my winter break, of course I’m going to continue promoting (as if?) Alor Setar hehe~
Alor Setar is usually only for Alor Setarian photographers, no? unlike Melaka, Ipoh or elsewhere

anyway, last time, I showed only a photo of Souq Al-Bukhary
I’d love to take photos of Masjid Al-Buqhary
it’s just too awesome for words! hopefully I’d have time for that 🙂

I was out for photoshooting yesterday with my sis
finally! after months not taking portraiture! lol

I was at Kedah State Art Gallery which is the building in front of Masjid Zahir
if you want to go there, you can park either near the Balai Nobat but you need to walk abit (2 mins walk lol) to the Art Gallery
there’s another parking lot specially for the Art Gallery visitors; turn left at the traffic light going towards Pekan Rabu
they block the parking; just tell the guards you’re going to the Art Gallery, they’ll let you park in the Art Gallery compound

I was there for a few hours and the one of the guards was checking on us a few times hehe~
the guard was making sure he can see us or our car; not sure why, maybe because we look a bit suspicious? BWAHAHAHAAHAH!!!
a camera in hand with some props is suspicious? LOL 😆

anyway, there aren’t many visitors to the Art Gallery
so, shoot to your heart content! 😀 wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
no one to interframe 😛

here are some of the photos~
I might put more in my facebook album 😉

where’s the next location?
I found the next spot already, only need to find time to go 😛

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  1. Sebagai orang AS, saya akui Galeri memang sunyi & jarang2 dikunjungi oleh orang ramai.

    Saya kagun dengan gambar2 yang diambil. Seperti mahu belajar sahaja cara2 yang betul untuk mengambil gambar. 🙂

    p.s: Susah tak nak letak kenderaan di AS?

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