Snowless Xmas


I was in KL for a few days to settle some stuffs
and I was amazed on how xmas is such a big deal there!
Xmas is just another day in Alor Setar, I’m not sure if the malls are decorated with trees and such; I haven’t been to one yet but I don’t think there’s any?

I don’t celebrate xmas or even bother about it
but xmas sale sure is good, no? 😛 BWAHAHAHAHAAH~

anyway, I missed out my chance to take photos of the beautiful decorations while I was in KL
I was up most of the nights watching movies instead of going to the mall for photos
and one of the movies that I watched was Santa Claus 2
it was something about… Santa needs to find a wife! Mrs Santa or Santa will lose all it’s power
that was pretty interesting where Santa uses his power to win Mrs Santa heart – that’s unfair! 😛
… if only wish can be granted 😛 ETERNAL HAPPINESS PLEASE! 😆

aaaanyway, imagine if Santa now is the same Santa thousands of years ago…
I bet he’s looking like this? LOL


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  1. Dilllaaa,u miss xmas sale!!!!hak pntng boxing dayy.hihi.tu je,hak lain bg deme smbut.hihi.
    Bila blik uk?jgn miss new yr sale lak.hihi

    • tu laaaa!!!!!
      hari tu sempat shopping sikit2 je
      tu pun sale xde la gila2 lg hehehe~

      i balik uk again early jan; nearly mid jan la jgak
      mcm akan terlps new yr sale je ni hihihihi~

  2. entahnya..penganut kristian di negara ini cuma sekitar 9-10%, tetapi dia punya gempak kemain lagi…bersaing rapat dgn Tahun Baru Cina dan Hari raya gitew… dan berjaya mengalahkan Deepavali,,,

    kekadang musykil timbul di hati lorr….apakah agama rasmi di negara ini telah bertukar atau semakin dipinggirkan? hmmm….

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