Hello Malaysia!


well… I’m back for winter break lol
I’ve just arrived a few days ago and I’m still jetlag urghhh~
I’ll head to bed once I submit this post; I don’t feel that good tbh urghhhh~

I was working on this piece while waiting for my flights both at Heathrow and KLIA kekeke~
so here goes!
I might get back to it since it’s not as I expected
I was practising with the eyes and lips 😉
I don’t think I did bad in it; it seems more alive now haha
this was supposed to be CNBlue -Yonghwa but it turned out to be.. who knows who this is lol

CNBlue has pretty nice songs if you want to check the band out
I love their Japanese albums rather than Korean one
they have a lot of English songs as well but… errr I should warn you about their pronunciation ehe~ 😛
their hit song is I’m A Loner
but until now, my fav song is Eclipse from the The Way album

anyway, good night! 😉
I’ll post up photos again once I get myself into it

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  1. How’s it in Malaysia compared to London (or UK in general, depending on which city you’re from) in terms of winter??

    Saw this on my Artician updates by the way.

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