uh did I scare you with my painting? πŸ˜†
I’m curious on why I love doing these kinds of thing; digital art

It’s Lee Seunggi if you’re wondering whom that I tried to paint (fail big time?) lol
do listen to his songs if you feel like it
he sings ballad πŸ˜‰
my fav out of all this songs; Losing My Mind, and Smile Boy

anyway, I’m back again! πŸ˜€
been busy procrastinating + moody + coursework
and I missed out snow photos!
can you believe that?

I had deadlines when it was snowing; so I wasn’t in the mood for taking photos 😦
but when I’m in the mood, snow all gone
I managed to snap some photos of the frost but… it’s not that visible haha
oh well~

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  1. ini yg belakon my gf is a gumiho tu ek? ok laa tu klau yg tu.ada laa mcm saffa ckp laa, gemuk skit.. πŸ˜›
    + rambut tu x nmpk mcm dia pon sgt πŸ˜€

  2. Korean ke? Camna kak tie tak kenal, hihi…

    Cubalah lukis kak tie punya hero, err…. Daniel Henny ke, Seo do Young ke… atau yang nakal tu Rain Bi, kah kah..

  3. Hi Adila, hey, you not only a good photographer, but an artist too. Outstanding! I love this pic. You brought out that cheeky look in him.
    Very creative, Adila.
    Have a pleasant weekend and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

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