Autumn in my heart~


Hello again people! šŸ™‚
Finally I went out for autumn shots!
I was worried if the trees are all bald by now haha

It wasn’t a sunny day when I woke up earlier so I went back to sleep haha
but it became sunny after a while, then cloudy, then back sunny lol
When I saw the sun is out, I grabbed my camera, changed from my pyjamas and head out!
yes yes I didn’t shower or even breakfast! only managed to brush my teeth and that was just it
good weather for photos won’t wait for me, so I had to rush šŸ˜› ekekekeee~
the weather hasn’t been that good lately; winter is on it’s way!

I headed out to the nearby park, which is Victoria Park
I wasn’t there for long because I stopped for too long along the way haha
I’m glad that I went out ^^
a really nice weather and it wasn’t that cold

Anyway, here are some photos!
more to come hopefully! šŸ˜‰
These are all in my facebook album as usual

p/s: I’m itching to get a wide angle lens! surveyed and tried it already, totally had fall in love with it but… *sigh*
I was using my 50mm lens for these shots. I heart you, Mr 50mm! it’s 100% made of awesomeness! šŸ˜€

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  1. wow…bila nk accept akak lam FB ni???nk tgk ctnik tau!hehehe..

    yg gmbo air terbalik tu lawalah..tak tau lak 50mm leh buat gini..huhuhu,selalu duk zoom in muke orang jerk.kekeke

    • dah accept hihihi~
      sy pun slalu xguna 50mm utk camni
      kali ni je mmg sepenuhnya guna 50mm tp bawak spare lens kit wakakakakaa
      main bokeh bes!!

      mcm nak pegi jln2 amik gambar lg je skrg ni hihi

  2. gambar tupai tu bagi pocket la, patut dicrop sikit lagi bahagian atasnyer supaya tupai tu keatas sikt,

    baru lah memenuhi rules of third tuu…

    wide angle syok woo!!
    50mm pun apa kurangnyaaaa.. susah nak pokus sikit šŸ˜€ hehe

    • mungkin kot? WAKAKAKAKAKA
      sgt byk tupai yg kluar!

      dah la tu, tupai2 tu mmg curious sgt2 kat sy
      diorg dtg dekat2 lps tu lariiiiii~ haha
      lawak btul tupai2 tu

  3. Surely this time quite easy for u to take picture kan? Pemandangan pun memang sudah lovely, tinggal klik klik aje… My fav pic adalah si tupai tu. Pandai betul dia posing but credit must go to u for having a steady hand and patient to wait for the right moment to press the button. Would be better kalau u crop the pic a little bit, i think.. šŸ˜€

    • errr actually tak haha psl sgt lama xamik gambar scenery hihihi~

      pemandangan tu bila tgk dgn mata sendiri sgt lain dgn bila ambil gambar šŸ˜¦
      *sigh* i still have a loooooooooooong way to go before boleh ambil proper gambar šŸ˜¦

      tupai tu kluar bila sy xready kikiki~
      nak crop sayang psl bokeh tu best ^^

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