I need BRAIN! more brain!


I officially have gotten all 16 minifigs from Series 2
I sure will be taking photos of those when I get bored 😆

last week I was trying to find 5 last figs for Series 1; but nowhere to be found yet 😦
I got 11 minifigs of Series 1 from WH Smith, Stratford
so I’d go hunting for more in other WH Smith branch haha
they sell it for GBP1.99; only John Lewis is selling it GBP1.95

and oh I was at Hamleys a few weeks ago
totally toys heaven! lol
there’s new Harry Potter set that came out 😆
anyway, they too sell Series 2 minifigs
and… guess what? they sell it for GBP3! *faint*
that’s way too expensive!

aaanyway, I planned to take fall shots (if it still is?) during the weekend (and of course introduce another minifig – it’s called Explorer) but it was raining on Sunday meh~
I’m hoping it’s gonna be this weekend
it would be nice to take a walk at the nearby park

and oh, I need a new torchlight
my torchlight died just now cissss!!!
I need it for my lego shots

p/s: I need more brain? I certainly do! A lot of readings to do, and 3 courseworks due in another 3 weeks time~ it’s all programming 😆

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