Extremeeeeeee sports!


I haven’t really take proper photos of… anything for nearly a month now! (snapshots are excluded hehe~)
and things are getting really stressful as well these days; a lot of deadlines coming up!
so as I didn’t go anywhere apart from uni-home for nearly 2 weeks, it’s driving me crazy!

Anyway, I went to Westfield London Shopping Centre, Shepherds Bush
It’s a shopping mall and it’s huge!
and fortunately, they were having an extreme sports stunt performance
oh boy! a chance to bring out my camera! 😛

They started it right on the dot; for 20 mins during each hour
I stayed there for 2 of its performance just because I wasn’t satisfied with my photos at first heeeeee~ 😆

that was fun to watch ^^
here goes some photos for sneak peak~ 😉
I’ll post up the rest of the photos soon

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  1. Hi Adila, wow! You sure got some extreme shots there. You caught the action, and the pics tells a page looking at them.
    You are very good with your camera. You create pictures.

    By the way, is Covent gardens still around? And Notting Hill still like pasar malam? Used to go there long time ago.
    I sure miss English fish & chips, from a newspaper, just the smell of that white vinegar is enough to make me stop and buy.
    You have fun, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  2. recently I have an opportunity to balik kampung & snap few pic of my fellow kampung boys playing bola sepak kampung.. hehhe

    I’ll upload the same soon.. eheheh

    (ayat2 jealous w. u & wanna to capture the same event with great pic…huhuhu)

    • hehehe tu pun bes jgak!
      sy segan + xbrani nak gi amik gambar org main skateboard, skate dkt park dkt rumah tu
      xtau bdak2 tu jenis camne hohohoh~

      time ada event je la yg boleh~

  3. When I was a kid, I wish that I can do some of the stuff in the above pictures. Like other kids, I sort of gile bmx.. he he .I participated in bmx competition – of course KALAH! But I really enjoy sports very much. Rasanya tiada sport yg I can’t play, except for water sport. 😀
    Great pictures Adila. Excellent work. Do mind share with us how you set your camera setting. It’s never easy shooting moving objects. You did a wonderful job.

    • waahhh!!! best best!! 😀
      sy tringin tp.. err try skateboard pun tersungkur hehehe

      my camera setting?
      i lame sgt kot xgodek2 my setting; dah lupa habis hihi
      i guna shutter priority, around 1/200 – 1/300
      ISO 400

      nasib baik gak lighting wasn’t so bad
      klo tak… issskkkkk~

      • Thanks Dila. I presume you pakai Cannon coz’ the colours nampak very natural. Something that my Sony Alpha cannot achieve (silap beli rasanyaa he he). Yes, the lighting was good. I was expecting that you use higher ISO inside the indoor arena. Banyak mahu belajar lagi pakcik nih he he… Mcm si Maza jugak – jelous tgk your pics. Really like a pro.

        P/s: Kak Tie mahu pinjam tu tak payah bagi hehe.. dia ambik gambar buah-buahan dan makanan je tu..:D

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