Mr Mime is sad? ME TOO!


Pull yourself together please!

p/s: I’m getting rather annoyed with my sleep problem. I hardly fall asleep at night; took me an hour or 2 to finally sleep and I keep on waking up in the middle of the night. Can I please get some deep sleep? 😦
This is so frustrating! my mood has also become very… cranky! damn this is driving me crazy!
I’m feeling down without any good reason! *&^%$%^&*!!!!

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  1. Dilla,

    biasanya bab tidur ni berpunca dr diri stress,bila terlalu stress,byk benda duk pikir,memang otal kita susah nk suh mata lelap.Antaranya,cuba ambik manafaat baca yassin,mungkin dpt membantu.

    Akak pulak berbeza,pantang lepa,nk tidur pasal badan penat!

    Dilla,akak dh publish resipi kurma,nanti pi copy paste ek.

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