ALOR SETAR Quick Tour Destination 02


last series of my sis photos for a while 😦
I kept this post in my draft for some time already heeeeee~
here goes! 😉


I just realized that I NEVER been to the birth place of Tun Mahathir!
tssskkkkk~ being an Alor Starian for years, I never go around visiting my own town lol
err well, I never am a fan of museums… so yeah museums don’t interest me much (especially if no camera is allowed hehe~)

Anyway, I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally recommend going there!
It’s so damn pretty! They really take care of things carefully!
Totally jaw dropping!

and oh, just a note; you CAN take photos inside of Tun’s house
they posted lots of NO CAMERA sign inside the house but do ignore it xD
one of the guards on duty came to me and told me that I can take photos inside lol

here goes! 😀

so… where’s next? xD I’ll continue with the Alor Star tour when I’m back in Malaysia 😉

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  1. WAH! boleh cepat dapat jodoh Dr. Dina ni.. hehehe

    maza suka yg no wahid itu… Dr. Dina kat depan pintu…ahaks.
    tiba2 teringatkan emak di kampung…
    dolu2 mak cakap sesiapa anak dara yg dok ‘bersidai’ kat depan tangga, tak lama lagi ler tu… hehehehe

    maza rasa the last picture a bit tak kena jer…
    the background, the bokeh is ok…
    but the model ‘attitude’ which is I think is not matched with kelembutan org2 melayu sehhh..

    coz, mukanya masam gitew lorr.. hehehe
    kalau Dr. Dina kita senyum lebar, tentu cantik, manis dan sopan jerk.. hehhee

      amin. doa tu! 😉

      sy ada kot gambar yg senyum tp nmpak mcm pelik… err kot? hehe
      xpe2 lengkali boleh pegi situ lagi insyaAllah 😀

  2. Uwaaa……… cantiknya!
    Bagai gadis melayu terakhir, hihihi.. Pokcik atas tu suka benor!!!
    Lawa lak high heels dia, kak tie berkenan!! 😆

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