Officially a Lego minifigs collector!


…I was ninja’ing (was away, I mean) for a week lol and yuhuuuuu~ I’m back ^^
I was trying to adapt back to uni life… once again πŸ˜›
Being an MSc student, it is totally different than when I was an undergraduate; everyone is like… they absolutely know what they’re talking about and it’s not bullshitting matter – so yeah, I need to brush back my rusty memory about stuffs that I had learned during my 3 years degree or I’ll feel like an idiot lol
err I already did feel like that during my 1st week of lectures haha

aaaaaaaaaanyway, it’s weekend, so I went out for a bit of fun before doing lots of reading + catching up marathon + assignments for the rest of my free time

you know that I got myself obsess with Lego minifigs not long ago, right? I did my “homework” regarding where in London to get these Lego minifigs when I was in Malaysia ekeke~
There is this link that I came across when I was googling about these minifigs; it should be somewhere in my bookmark lol

So, anyway, places to go to hunt for these minifigs?

I’ve just able to go to only 1 GAME shop, so I don’t know if Lego minifigs are available at other shops of its branch. There are quite a lot of them at GAME at Oxford Street; somewhere near Tottenham Court Road station. There’s a bus stop right in front of it, so you can’t missed the shop. The minifigs are placed near the queue area for the cashier.
GAME charges you GBP1.99 for each of it; which is 4p higher than John Lewis

John Lewis
Go up to the 4th floor; and seriously… there are LOADSSSSSS of them!
There were 3 boxes of them when I went there earlier! My dad was like… if you buy the whole box, you might get the whole 16 different minifigs with a lot to spare lol – it has like.. 20? 30? 40? more? packets of the minifig in 1 box! It’s gonna really pissed me off if I were to buy the whole box and ended up with the exact same minifigs for all of it lol
The minifigs are placed near the queue area for the cashier as well; near to the Lego section too ^^
and it costs GBP1.95 each

I don’t think all Argos got it; but some does
Try checking it online but… you might get the same one if you can’t choose it yourself hehe
They sell it for GBP1.99; same as GAME

I haven’t gone there yet to check; but I was told that Hamleys has it but… it costs more
I’ll go and take a peek whenever I’m out again ^^

Here are my collection! More to come… HOPEFULLY!
and since I got these… of course I’ll do Lego minifigs photoshoot! πŸ˜›

anyone loves these Lego minifigs as I do? ❀

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  1. My boys likes lego very very much. They can spend hours playing with them. Too bad that legos are very expensive here in Malaysia. Last month we brought a Star Wars lego @ RM 200 and it ain’t big at all. A bigger set cost about RM 400 to RM 600. Pokai kalau beli selalu. πŸ˜€ I wonder how much they sell in UK? Much cheaper I believe. Nice minifigs u got. GBP1.99? I think they sell it around Rm 15 in Toys R Us.. Next time u balik M’sia, let me know.. Maybe boleh kirim2 sikit… Boleh ke?

    • kan!!! know!! how i wish lego is cheap!
      i really want a set of star wars one! but.. grrrr too expensive! 😦
      and and nak jugak the harry potter one!!!

      i’m not sure if it’s cheaper here. maybe?
      jgn currency naik dah la hihihihi~
      i remember when i was younger, there are tons of lego around!
      but when i went to the lego section here, it’s not as impressive as it used to be 😦

      btw, go get lego mindstorms!
      i totally want to get that!
      it’s made of awesomeness!
      too bad it’s over my budget 😦
      …well, cheap way round, get the sensors, led, logic chip; program the chip and bam! there u go! same function as the mindstorms lol

    • …it’s a good collection to do a photoshoot on πŸ˜› hehe~
      that’s my reason for collection these minifigs

      oops, ala2 menghasut tak? ngeeeeee~

  2. eh lupa nk ckp..akak dulu ada hobby cute gak,kumpul patung yg di jual kt mc d tu..masa remajasss..kekeke…sampai penuh ntah mana daaa..

    • besssss!!! kumpul la lg skrg!! πŸ˜€
      boleh buat excuse ni anak2 kak ct yg punya hihihi~

      sy mcm nak je kumpul barbie ke, teddy bears ke.. mcm menarik
      tp… issskkk!!! takut la pulak time mlm2 nnt benda tu tenung je sy hehe
      mmg meremang bulu roma!

  3. hobi maza pun lebih kurang sama mcm Tie, iaitu mengira juga.. tapi ada sikit sahaja kelainan…. mengira duit gaji bulan ni setelah berabis utk raya!


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