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  1. Kalau maza yg tak berapa cerdik dan berangan nak jadi scholars gitew…maza akan rebat ler… hehehe itu kalau maza ler….

    kata worng rezeki di depan mata meh!
    sudah ada… ambil jer ler.. huhuhu

  2. Adila, Holy Smoke! Most people will sell their grandmothers, give their left arm to be in your situation, ha ha.

    Well done girl! OUTSTANDING! I knew you will exceed everyone’s expectations…I think I remember saying this many bulans ago.
    I feel so excited for you.

    You have to go for iced coffee, put your legs up on the chair or table, head on elbow, look at chichaks romancing on the ceiling and fikir carefully.
    What about do the Masters first…..A lady visitor to my blog did that, then moved on to her P.hd.

    Adila…you have done it! Wayyyyyy to go!
    May the winds of destiny now carry you aloft to dance with the stars…..
    Selamat berpuasa, happy for you, keep a song in your heart….Lee.

  3. Depends on you dear. Kalau mahu jadi academician better buat PhD kot. There’s a huge different pada tangga gaji between Phd dgn MSc. Otherwise step by step lo, supaya tak garu kepala lagi… 😀

  4. bagus tu tawaran yg lumayan tetapi…phd..huhuhu..makin jiwa raga tauuuuu…..dugaan nya berliku2..mcm kena kanser lak.tp kalau berminat,go on je.

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