Daily Archives: August 29, 2010

Ferrari FXX


urghhh I haven’t been taking photos lately; last week was just it and got myself to do a bit earlier today
I made myself a larger softbox but hrmmmm…. it’s way too huge haha
I made a small one before, so I guess I’ll stick to the small softbox ^^

Out of curiosity, I google up lego minifigure
I’m impress with various kind of it! There’s like.. soldier looking minifigure, minifigure based on games etc etc
and what’s more, there are people who modify the minifigure themselves!
I’d love to try tweaking, repainting my minifigure but… well lego ain’t cheap (5 or so minifigure costs around RM25-30) could be more!

See if I’m bored enough to start making my own minifigure clothes and face expression
believe it or not, google that up! you’ll get some tutorials without damaging the minifigure itself! 😉
it’s pretty awesome actually!
…if only I’m up to try ceramic, pottery, clay sort of thing I could try making mini food to go with lego minifigure. It seems interesting but it’s like.. way too much hassle ie I’m being way toooooo lazy! lol

Anyway, here are some photos of Ferrari FXX
I was experimenting with the background which I can conclude, cheap coloured papers reflect the light much much much better than patterned papers because of the different kind of surface lol

moral of my lego story?
You can’t get every single thing that you wanted no matter how hard you try. Learn to know when to stop, get over it and start again