Ferrari 612 Scaglietti


I was MIA for a bit hehe~
been feeling lazy to lurk around, so I mostly just watch anime, korean/japanese dramas and movies lol

Anyway, I sort of got myself back into photography.. uhh today after nearly a month not doing much haha
I made my own DIY softbox lol so I just tried it out with lego and cars
I’m still fooling around with it, trying various stuffs so I’m hoping it would look better soon! lol

Here goes! Lego flirting! lol BWAHAHAHAHAH

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

I still have a lot of Ferrari models and lego people to be used hehe~
I wish I have a lot of lego body/clothes to use 😐

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    • thanks 😀
      it’s pretty fun playing around with the angle of light 😉

      i had some trouble with the light in the beginning since i was using torchlight – it’s orange! i want white light! grrrr~

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