Daily Archives: August 13, 2010

Eiffel I’m in LOVE~


Loooooong delayed post!
I’m having fun chilling at home that I don’t feel like on9ing that much haha

There are still tons of photos that I haven’t post process yet
soon I hope~
I did went up to the Eiffel tower; so photos from the tower will be posted soon 🙂 (if I could get myself to post process those photos faster hehe~)

errr I have no idea what to write now
What kind of things you’d like me to write about? lol
Tutorial anyone? any request? haha *super bosan~*

I’ve been youtubing, anime’ing and only today I started back on digital painting
it’s hard to smudge with a mouse 😦
I want my tablet back~ huwaaaaaaaaaaaa~ 😦

and for the lol, here’s the WIP digital painting
a mouth-less painting! BWAHAHAHAAHAHA