pre written post!
I forgot to put the date right for it to be posted haha so I missed last week lol

these photos were taken.. early July. It was on 7th July
I had a hard time to choose the tone; and seriously I’m bad with tones 😦
I went through some tutorials from deviantArt but then.. too many steps, I ended up trying and error… and FAIL lol
it still doesn’t give me the result that I’m imagining geh!

but anywaaaaay, I never thought I’d be taking photos at this location
there’s nothing interesting about the place; it’s a normal place I’d say haha way too normal!
and I always walk past it since the past.. nearly 4 years? lol
there’s a canal next to it (Regents Canal) and walking straight up would end up at Victoria Park

urghhh I’m bad in trying out dark mood in photos – don’t you think these photos below would look better if it has this heavy mood around it? xD

not sure if anyone is a fan of Super Junior – Korean boyband hehe (I AM!! Teukie oppa!! – pardon my fan mode lol)
in 2 of their new photoshoot (for their newest album; Bonamana and the repackaged) the photos included are awesome! .. it’s way too awesome for words!

see this and this and for a magazine shot, this totally made me speechless!
– I lack of creativity, I know 😦

those photos has its own identity; mine doesn’t lol
and I’m suck bad in editing!
urgggghhhhh~ 😦
this is so frustrating
instead of getting better, I’m not moving anywhere! boooo me!

alright! I’m done with self pity, feeling pathetic!
here are some photos πŸ˜€

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