Sea life part 2


I posted Sea life part 1 some time ago heeee~
So I’ll spam post more photos that I recently post processed since I took like.. 750+ photos!

I’ve said this before.. and I’ll say this again
fish photography is darn hard!
…but it’s kind of.. rewarding if the photos turn out good (mine is just so-so)
plus, Nikon D60 can’t deal with high ISO – it gives crappy, shitty photo
but I still love my camera no matter what heeee~

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  1. Hi Adila, hey….I love these pics. They’re fantastic. Don’t worry about your photographs. How how it comes out.
    Taking pics of animals never easy. The hardest is kids.
    The best photographs are the ones your friends or close ones love.
    One of the World’s best photographs, of a sunset was in black and white, taken in 1950s in a jurassic camera…..till today, no professional or amateur photographer with top end cameras have been able to emulate that spectacular picture…..same time, same spot…..

    It is never the camera, it is the person behind the camera. What she or he wants to portray.
    Others take pictures, while some create pictures….one that tells not only a 1000 words, but a story. And THAT is the photograph when your friends or whoever exclaims, “WOW”!
    Remember, just before you shoot, ask yourself, ‘what do I want to tell or show’?
    Example, most people take photos when on holiday, and want to show a beautiful scene, eg Statue of Liberty, US….and then they put their nenek or them self right spot in the middle, blocking their intentions.
    It should be, put the nenek in the corner, just to show she was there, and you focus on the statue. Unless its a portrait of person.
    Have a nice day, simpan satu lagu dalam hati, senang datang, Lee.

  2. Hello Adila
    I really appreciate your cool photography.wonderful clarity and it’s looks so natural.i also have some collection of sea animals.within that i have cool information on sea turtles thanks for shearing.

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