Butterfly Explorer @ Natural History Museum Part 3


…I’m going to miss taking photos of butterflies 😦
part 1, part 2

Taman Rama-rama anyone? πŸ˜€ There’s one in… Penang right?
mau nye kena sekeh, gi Penang psl nak tgk rama-rama hihihi

I wonder if there’s any kind of park/garden in Alor Star.. that is colourful of course!
Taman Rimba is too green, Taman Jubli Emas is.. well.. empty? lol
I’ll check those places again once I’m back in Malaysia πŸ˜‰

It would be nice to go around Alor Star again (with hope I’m not getting myself lost lol)

Anyway, here are the last few photos of the butterflies 😦

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  1. my dear dila ittewww..
    me know this sounds strange to most people, but me have a terrible phobia of caterpillars (the last pic teww).. uhuhu

  2. Hi Adila, very impressive your photography. The way you take your shots really impressive….like looking at a magazine.
    Are you, or did you or have you done a course on photography?
    Real outstanding shots…..very professional too.
    Have fun, and keep the camera rolling. Lee.

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