Still HOT!


…the weather it is!
I do feel like taking the sleeping bag with me when going out because it feels good sleeping at the park (the wind! so comfortable!)

In London, there are several Royal Parks; Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Regent’s Park, Green Park, St James’s Park, Bushy Park, Richmond Park and Greenwich Park

I think.. I haven’t been to Bushy Park and Richmond Park because it’s too far!
Hyde Park is near the shopping area haha and Kensington Gardens is near the Malaysian Hall
so it’s a given that I always go to those park for no reason

These are taken at Kensington Gardens at the end of June
old photos, but I just recently post processed these lol
Green Park is a better place for this kind of shot because it’s more bushy type (or maybe I was there before they taken care of it)

p/s: I have no idea what to write about lol so I’m talking randomly now ehe~

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  1. Last Saturday I’ve published my article about ‘Savannah’ in playground, next to my housing area.

    Yesterday, while on way back from work place, I find that the Savannah have gone.. the grasses were mowing down! hehehehe
    So no more ‘bunga lalang’ lorr.. huhuhu
    On the other hand children can play safely lorr.. heheheh

    hmm suratan atau kebetulan?! don’t know!

  2. Kat ganu ni panas tapi dah start bunyi deram derum.. guruh lak. Tak lama lagi hujan laa..

    Cantik gambor ..bakal doktor glamour la kakak Adila tu.

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