Spain WON!


…I’m not a football fan, and didn’t even watch World Cup until just now haha
ok la kan watch the final only hehe
I was out for dinner with my sis and her friends and by chance they had the match on tv there
and.. surprisingly I was watching it from the beginning till the end! haha

*shed tears* the game was awesome! terharu especially when the goal keeper also terharu hehe
…for someone who knows nothing about football (me, that is), I did watch a few matches here (Chelsea, West Ham) and I do know the quality of the games are.. SO DIFFERENT!
no wonder people gone crazy over WC! it’s just too awesome!
and the referee was so “generous” with the yellow card today? lol

since I had too much, here goes some photos πŸ˜›
I didn’t bring my Niko (my baby, dslr that is), only had my old compact camera
the place is pretty nice I’d say. It looks like a bar sort of thing. Its called Tinseltown – and it’s halal πŸ˜‰

okay! drooling time!
I was trying out it’s challenge menu (or whatever was it called)
it’s a burger with beef, chicken cajun, and chicken.. i can’t remember lol and also fried egg inside. Of course cheese is in it as well
…please don’t help me count the calories! HAHA!
it’s damn much calories!!

do you think I’ll stop with just that?
no way! I went all out and even had dessert!
it’s something ferrero rocher sundae – not sure the name haha

that really is a damn heavy dinner!
a week and a half before graduation and I’m making myself fatter than ever! OMG!
hopefully I could still fit in my clothes lol
but you know.. it feels so good to go all out and eat as much as I can

so.. what should I eat now? HAH! perut dah macam nak meletup, ada hati nak makan lagi hiksssss

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  1. hati sudah senang sehhh…
    habis semua mau ditelan…

    karang terpaksa pakai t-shirt saiz xxL on graduation day.. hehehhe

    (by jealousy line..hehhe)

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