Hot Summer!


…don’t you feel like smacking me for making a fuss of the so called damn hot London? haha
it’s reaching up to 30 degrees celcius but still, it can’t beat the heat in Malaysia πŸ˜›
I miss air-conditioner lol it’s hard to sleep at night because it’s so hot! 😦

anyway, such good weather, a good time for a picnic! (I don’t mind if it rains, at least it can cool down this heat!)
I was out for a picnic with some friends last Friday, 9 July (most couldn’t make it, only a few turned up)
Gossiping, talking random stuffs, picking up girls (ohooo~)… that was fun and really hilarious!
I had a good time; hopefully the others did too
the photos are in fb πŸ˜‰

3 years went by really fast
it’s nearly graduation time!
Everyone is going to different path now; it feels… well… different lol
oh well, there’s fb to keep in touch with the others πŸ˜‰

that aside… it seems that I’m having a hard time in taking good.. err decent photos lately 😦
urghhh~ I’m taking it easy now but still… it’s frustrating!
Time for more bloghopping, reading, photo peeking to get more ideas for photos! πŸ˜‰

Here are some photos at Green Park
A really nice place with tall grasses/flowers whatever you call it as haha
…just hope there’s no insect crawl into your jeans πŸ˜›

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  1. chemistry, ..yeah! that word suddenly pop-up in my head..

    we have chemistry I guest…
    at least I could list 2 things that we share the similarity..
    1) our blog’s background is in brownies colour…
    2) our post also incidentally about the same things.. the same category i.e about lalang & summer!


    But your pic much2 better.. huhuhu
    I think its due your model knows how to interact with camera.. (ayat cover tak mau kalah gak..wakakaka)

    so envy…

    my model, susah mau dengar kata lorr.. huhuhu

  2. lawa nyerrrrrrrrrrr..panas akak tengok.kekekeke…photo tu edit by photoshop ke?tp anyway memang lawa giler shoot tuh.memang pakai potrait lens ek?

    dh 3 tahun ek duk UK?lebih kurang dgn kitala.Anyway,selamat berkonbo ek.kekeke..sure pasni rindu kt UK.

    lam umh takde kipas portable ke?

    • a’ah edit kat photoshop n guna portrait punya lens πŸ˜€
      super suka lens tu haha

      insyaAllah sy ingat nak smbg master sini
      offer dah dpt, tgh fikir nak smbg ke tak je skrg hehe~

      ade kipas. tp xrasa sgt pun
      berpeluh mcm mandi! hihihihih~

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