Realistic Digital Painting


I recently got hooked with digital painting.. realistic digital painting haha
I can’t draw so painting sort of interest me πŸ™‚

I can’t remember when did I bought (my dad did lol) my tablet, but it has been years! (was is during high school?) I did used it before; but never yet for painting
Anyway, my tablet is pretty old; it’s Wacom Graphire. It’s no longer available now, is it? ah it doesn’t matter πŸ™‚

I just started learning realistic painting last week
and obviously I’m bad at the hair part tsk! – just hair? what a joke! most of the parts is more likely!

It’s fun to do if you have way too much time to waste hehe
I’m such a beginner so it took me 6-8 hours for each πŸ˜›

wohooo~ digital painting is so much fun!
I do recommend you try it πŸ™‚

I’m hoping these won’t give you a nightmare! πŸ˜›
seems like I’m good in making distorted so called realistic painting lol
The top one if the most recent; I just learned the way to do better hair lol
Even though I’m nowhere near good, at least it’s getting.. uhh a bit better I suppose?
3rd painting looks cartoonish, 2nd painting looks scary and cacat but I think the eyebrow part seems ok, 1st painting.. well I currently like it, was experimenting the hair but the left eye is too big geh!

Painters who make awesome paintings (of portrait; I can’t understand abstract art lol) you have my salute!

p/s: I’ll post up more photos soon πŸ˜› Photography is still what I love the most; it’s just that.. well, I’m a bit lost atm so I’m trying to shake off my doubts and try new stuffs that.. who knows if I have talent in πŸ˜‰

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  1. aduhaiii..

    please my dear, don’t seduce me toget involve in this hobby fulaks.. huhuhu
    karang tak jadi satu kerja pun,.. silap2 kerja kat ofis boleh terbelengkalai ahaks..

    tapi apa2 hal, rasanya nak cuba gak ni.. hehhehe

    anyway good try sis…

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