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Sea life part 2


I posted Sea life part 1 some time ago heeee~
So I’ll spam post more photos that I recently post processed since I took like.. 750+ photos!

I’ve said this before.. and I’ll say this again
fish photography is darn hard!
…but it’s kind of.. rewarding if the photos turn out good (mine is just so-so)
plus, Nikon D60 can’t deal with high ISO – it gives crappy, shitty photo
but I still love my camera no matter what heeee~

Dr Dina Nordin MBBS (Lond) Graduation


sis graduation was earlier today (eh yesterday) and of course I was the photographer!
my graduation is next week on the 22nd 😀
I’m still trying to find photographer to capture the moment during my graduation; but I haven’t found anyone yet that’s available
oh well~

I never took graduation photos before and it’s actually pretty fun 😉
No wonder Nono is enjoying it a lot!

Sis graduation took place at 2 different places; so it took the whole day! I was out from home from early morning until late in the afternoon (or was it evening?)
It was really tiring but fun! 😀

I took with me all 3 lenses, and as I thought, I used ALL!
I was using the 50mm f/1.4 for the normal photoshoot with the gown, lens kit, 18-55mm f/3.5 for other shots and 70-300mm for shots during the ceremony
I couldn’t get into the hall for the ceremony, so dad took all the photos then 😉
I did the outdoor part hehe~

There’s like.. 380 photos to go through, I only manage to post processed a few
I’ll do the others soon (or later lalala~)

…and here goes the photos! I’m releasing the individual photos first hehe~
more are in my facebook as usual 😉