ZSL London Zoo part 2


Part 1 is here
Part 3 is about lizards. I haven’t post process any of it yet lol

Birds at London Zoo
I’d like to try taking photos of birds but I can’t find any birds zoo or some sort
Regents Park suppose to have many kind of birds but that would depend on luck if I could come across any haha – it’s easy to find pigeons or black crows (or swans, ducks, pelicans) around London but I’d like something more… colourful haha

Before I went to the zoo last… week was it? lol I googled up for some tips; and there was also this tips from one of the magazine that I bought
And it said.. FOCUS ON THE EYES!
that will tell either the photo is alive or simply.. dead lol
and.. do predict your subject – seriously this is hard haha, but a few times visiting the zoo would roughly make you used to the animal actions, right? 🙂

and also.. since there would be either fence or glass to go between you and the subject, use as low aperture number as you can (bigger aperture means lower number – I get confused by this a lot! haha)
that will eliminate the fence 🙂

other tips?
just hope you have lots of luck! 😛

here are my attempt on the birds in the zoo
I wish to do this again 🙂

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  1. aderkkkkk…. you done well my dear.. huhuhu

    macam ni dah tak tahan dah nak tunggu weekend nak gi zoo.. huhuhu

    “Lets go to the zoo, there are lots of things to do
    and the food is finger lickin good

    there are tigers, zebras, a friendly giraffe too,
    birds and monkeys with a trick or two

    there are sealions, otters, a flamingo
    birds and parrots that say hello

    lets go to the zoo, there are lots of things to do
    and the food is finger lickin good

    KFC is finger linckin good, just for you!”


      • huhuhu tak jadi..

        I have to cancel my plan due to the weather was not conducive. All the day of this weekend was cloudy and raining.

        meanwhile, the ticket price has been increased to RM25 per adult and RM18 per kids.. tak tahan sehh..

        so we were decided to see Zoo in cinema only lorr.. casting by Mazlan the senario..

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