Butterfly Explorer @ Natural History Museum Part 1


Natural History Museum is having a section of Butterfly Explorer (as they named it as) which lasts until 26 September 2010
I’m so not a museum person; so I only visited the Butterfly Explorer part haha on 23 June
It wasn’t far and I was still in my butterflies mood after the photos from Kew Gardens, so heck! I went there without thinking much

The entry free is GBP4 which is pretty okay even though I was a bit disappointed when I got in
It was smaller than I thought and it actually takes 10-15 minutes (or can be less!) to go over the butterflies
If you’d walk straight for the exit, I’d say 2 minutes and you’ll find the exit

But anyway, I was there for 2 hours; and I was sweating like crazy!
It was hot in there! way too hot! greenhouse? glasshouse? pardon my ignorance in those kind of stuffs
but I do realize they control the temperature in there to suit the butterflies πŸ™‚

and oh, I met a Malaysian kindergartener; he came with his school (I thought it’s already the summer break? no?)
He asked if I’m Malaysian haha – gosh! his BRITISH ACCENT! I want that accent! I think he’s around 5 yrs old?

anyway, here are some butterfly photos πŸ™‚
I had fun taking these photos even though it annoyed me a bit in the beginning since butterflies won’t stay still lol

I’m posting parts by parts here so that I won’t be flooding with too many photos in one post hehe
If you’re interested for more, feel free to view it from my facebook album

8 responses »

  1. aderkkkkk!!!!

    so envy lorrrr…..

    nak gak rama2…huhuhu

    yg sempat skrg ni di photograph kan ialah gambo dragon fly..huhuhu
    tungguuuu.. mau kejar sama adila jugak!

    • dragon fly! best gak!
      kat sini sy xjumpe plak dragon fly 😦

      gi la taman rama2 πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      sy penah gi time kecik2 dulu je
      agak2 mcm mana la taman tu skrg ek?
      rasanya mcm besar je taman rama2 tu~ hikkk~

      NAK IKUT AAR!!!

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