*drum roll effect please*

I got my result today

WITH 1ST CLASS HONOR, BEng in Computer Engineering!

*runs in a circle like maaaaaaaadd!*

I’m glad I got through
I’ve been checking it several times since.. who knows if I mistaken someone else result as mine lol
Extreme stress, extreme breakdown, extreme down time has totally paid off lol

I labiuuuuuuuuuu Mommy, Papa, Aina, Ayieeeee~
This calls for a celeburrrrratioooon!

My graduation ceremony is on 22 July 2010 🙂 ngeheee~

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  1. yiiipppieee!!! i was just talking to my office mates – recalling our old days. then i read this. waaaaa…i’m so happy for you! enjoy the moment, k!

    • thank you 😀 😀
      i just realize that i might not meet any of my coursemates anymore once graduation is over 0.o lol

      everyone is going separate ways now

  2. wow! first class… double joy sehhh…

    congratulation adila, your work hard at last paid off..

    tiba2 terkonangkan lak suatu maso dolu2..
    sodeh pun ado, syukur pun ado..

    sodeh sobab tak belajar sungguh2!

    uhuk! syukur,. sbb kalau belajar sungguh2 sangat sapo lak nak angket kotak kek ofis, lagipun takut terlajak jadi Perdano Menteri yg ke empat belas.. huhuhu

  3. Adila! Well done! OUTSTANDING! Feel so proud of you too. Not many do these studies, and you have done it.
    The World now waits for you…..and wishing you, may the winds of Destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars…..
    All my very best wishes and congratulations, Adila. YOU DID IT! Lee.

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