Kew Gardens


I went to Kew Gardens on 21 June after delaying since my exams ended haha
as usual, I ended up slept in when I planned to go out at 9.30am – because it takes nearly an hour to get there
I went out at nearly 11am; and there were minor delay on the tube meh!

The ticket cost to get in Kew Gardens is GBP13.50, but by chance I met visitors from Singapore where they have this tourist price; it was 2 for the price of 1. They were 3 person, so I become the 4th person haha
w00t for GBP6.25!

Kew Gardens is seriously HUGE! No kidding!
Here’s the map
There are a lot of attractions that are not pointed in that map πŸ™‚

Whoever plan to go to Kew Gardens, I do recommend taking the train tour thingy
I didn’t take it; but still managed to covered most of the area – it took me 6 hours with no coffee break to cover most of it
I had my lunch while walking lol haha issskkk ade ke patut?

Kew Gardens.. if I were to describe it, I’d say its.. GREEN!
It’s full with trees that sort of things
there are flowers as well, but it’s mainly trees
it’s refreshing for the eyes and I do like it there
It’s awesome for landscape/scenery type of photography – which I suck in lol

Main attractions include Palm House, Temperate House (a lot of flowers and of course green stuffs :P), Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop walkaway (it’s friggin high up!), Princess of Wales Conservatory and of course the Kew Palace (which I didn’t go in haha)

other attractions?
There’s this Japanese garden which is awesomely beautiful! and there’s Pagoda near it as well
and.. there’s a lot of bluebells especially at the Queen Charlotte’s Cottage – it’s too quiet there when I went; a bit creepy to be alone. The cottage was closed when I was there, so it had this.. sort of like an abandoned building where someone was killed in it haha
Minka House is a bit creepy as well; but the bamboo garden near it is pretty nice πŸ˜€
and oh! there’s Waterlily House
absolutely pretty! the waterlilies that is! it’s HUGEEEEEEE!!!

there’s also butterfly garden
I’m not sure anymore where was it at.. I think it’s at the Princess of Wales Conservatory
and going out from there, there’s Rock Garden and also Rose Garden – the names might be wrong hehe oh well~
these 2 gardens are so jawdropping! it’s beyond beautiful! It’s too awesome for words! I didn’t spend much time there as it was nearly it’s closing time 😦
So I only passed by quickly and snap some snapshot photos
I might HDR some of these photos πŸ™‚

All in all, I’d say Kew Gardens really is a nice place for chilling (and if don’t mind walking alot!)
I had fun even though it takes an hour to get there and another hour to get home haha

There are some photos of.. well flowers or leaves haha
Not really well taken I’d say 😦
I’m having photographers block if there’s such thing lol
Feel free to browse them at my facebook album page 6 and 7

just an extra, here’s a peacock! lol
there are a few peacock in Kew Gardens :O
…this one wanted to attack me as I was trying to get close to it *slap head*

I got myself into butterflies there. So my next post (maybe next?) will be on Butterflies photography @ National History Museum which I was at earlier today, 23 June

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  1. huhuhu!

    you just remind me about ‘Malaysian House’ in Asian Garden at Ayer Keroh Melaka…

    First time I went there was 1987.

    On my latest visit back 2005/6, the garden had experienced a lot of changes. The compounding area became to cramp with to much developments. And there have few houses were abandon. I’m supposed its due to lack of maintainance… pretty sad, right!

    If I were to describe, its rather beauty back 1980’s than these years… I think Malaysian House Garden need to refurbish, rejuvenate and keep maintain it, especially for educational & tourism purpose lorrr….

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