ZSL London Zoo part 1


…finally I got over my laziness and post processed some photos!
gonna bloghopping this week wheeeeeee~

ZSL stands for Zoological Society of London hehe I just realized that like 5 minutes ago lol
pardon my ignorance

Anyway, I went to London Zoo last week; on the June 16 to be exact
I accidentally slept in, and to make things worse, there were delay for the tube that I needed to take gah!
…. and I had to walk for like 30 minutes before I found the entrance haha (there’s a bus that only takes 3 mins to get there but I gave up waiting lol)
It was nearly 12 when I got in; I was planning to be there at 10am – that did took more than an hour to get there when supposedly it should be 30-45 mins

oh well~
better luck next time 😀

I used to go to London Zoo like years ago (6 years ago?)
When I was there last week, I sort of feel disappointed
It’s not as what I imagine it would be like – and because it was a hot day, most of the animals were lazying around lol

I was there until it was nearly the closing time; they closed at 5.30pm that day
This was my first time trying zoo photography and I do find it hard (not as horribly hard as fish photography)

If I were to be in London for the next year, I suppose I’ll pay for the zoo membership haha so that I could go in any day without having to pay a lot
A day visit is not enough since lot of lucks are needed; it’s totally unpredictable what the animals would do next, right? 🙂
The lions were sleeping when I was there; if I were to go to zoo again, I’m thinking of spending a day or half a day for only 1 or 2 animals and come back the next day for others. That should be fun 😀

…I feel like I’m talking to myself here lol
here goes some photos 😀
I’ve uploaded most of it in my facebook album

next part is on birds and another part is lizards
I still haven’t finish with Sea life photos and also.. Roses!
too much photos! lol

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  1. uiks! den baru yo merancang nak poie ke kandang zoo, ekau dah poie dulu! huhuhuhu

    tapi apa2 hal pun, bagus2..
    sonang sikit den dapek idea.. heheheh

    I like the second tiger’s pic.. hehehhe

  2. omg omg omg. best best. the last time i went to zoo, 2 thn lepas kot but masa tu takde dslr lagi.

    muka wak wak (kera) tu sangat comel. gambar giraffe tu pun best. nie shoot guna 50mm ke adila?

    • ada satu lg jenis money misai dia putih pastu pjg!
      ala2 mcm sape name plakon gerak khas tu? yg sarjan misai tu? hehe~
      tp gambar monyet tu tak turn out that good 😦

      i guna 70-300mm 😀

  3. Hi Adila, Wow! I am impressed. Outstanding shots. The photographs seem alive.
    You sure take great shots….like looking at National Geographic too….
    Good camera you have too, and you are very creative taking these pics, from the angles and close-ups shots.
    Well done, Adila….
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

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