Sea life part 1


I lost count how many days have gone by lol
I was home most of the days last week since the weather wasn’t that good

Anyway, one of the day last week, I went to Sea Life London Aquarium (and it was raining haha)
It was alright, but I won’t recommend anyone going to Sea Life
I find that the price is bit too expensive for the inside (which didn’t impress me much)
I went to Langkawi Underwater World when I was little; so I don’t remember much to even compare haha

I was there for 4 hours since I couldn’t get my camera setting right lol; 8Gb SD card full, and camera was out of battery haha
I do have another 2Gb and battery extra for worse to come
…but out of those 760+ photos, only a few came out nice even though I did some research of the settings I should be using the night before

the tips?
use as low f stop as possible (aperture; I was using my 50mm f1.4) – aperture priority was recommended but I was using manual so that I could mess around with the shutter speed
a lot of people are using macro lens for fish photography
and.. use the camera hood so that you won’t risk rubbing the lens with the tank (it might be a good idea to use rubber camera hood but it doesn’t matter)
another thing is use high ISO; I was using 800 and I do realise d60 doesn’t handle it well – thus I try not to increase the ISO more or I’ll just destroy the photos haha

and what you need the most apart from knowing the setting is.. LOTS OF LUCK!
fishes swim around; overlap each other
it’s totally different than taking photos of flowers 😛 (even with rough wind it still is much easier to control.. err if this make sense)

my last word… seriously.. fish photography is so damn hard! that it’s pissing me off! lol
The glasses/tank distort the photos 😦
I’m still feeling so pissed while typing this haha whoops~
but all in all, it was a good experience 🙂

I certainly will do it again; fish photography I mean, but not any time soon

here are some photos that I’ve just post processed today
I’ve been doing it since this morning; still a whole lot more to go
more photos are in my facebook album

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  1. … but Adila, the pics came out good je i tengok. and about the noise tu, my friend cakap you boleh guna noise ninja ke ninja noise to get rid of it. try google for it.

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