Black Sticky Rice dessert


I was actually craving for bubur kacang (green bean dessert) but I’m out of green bean aiyark!
but then I found pulut hitam (black sticky rice) hehe
I’ve been telling myself to learn making bubur pulut hitam but never did

So, it’s my first time trying it today lol and it turned out quite well 😛

I read through some recipes over the internet; it’s actually pretty straight forward in making it
Should I write how I did mine? 😛

What you need are:
Black sticky rice

Wash the black sticky rice a few times. Some of the sites that I read say to soak n water for an hour but.. well, I might not feel like making it anymore after an hour haha. There are sites that said to just wash it until the water is clear.

Then, boil it for an hour or so until it becomes soft and cover it with its lid. Add more water if needed. Add sugar as much as you want to your liking and add in tapioca. Use low heat and cover it again for 15-30 minutes or until you think it’s ready to be eaten. Usually people don’t put in tapioca. I’m just weird lol. I put it in to make the bubur thicker plus I love tapioca!

Now, pour coconut milk in and wait for 10 minutes before it can be served. Most sites don’t put coconut milk but only add it in separately when served. It looks nice as the coconut milk will spread. I’m plain lazy to do that so I just put everything in hehe

Urghh since I had something sweet already, I feel like having something really spicy now 😐

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  1. Looks good. Shld taste good as well. Me, tak sanggup buat anything yg require more than 3 steps. ho ho.. That’s why asyik masak nasi goreng aje. 😀

    • it tastes ok 😀

      i know what you mean
      it’s penat to make something haha
      leceh la byk steps (plus lots of plates/pots to wash later) haha

      • Ya betul tu. I don’t mind kalau byk ingredients as long as sumbat satu kali masuk dlm kuali he he… Maybe it is becoz’ I malas nak mengemas, so bagi alasan lain.

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