FREEDOM day 04 part 1


Day 03, I was home the whole time haha
I only went out on Monday; which was yesterday and stay in today – the weather wasn’t that great and I actually slept in lol

I was at Regents Park again yesterday; so I do have photos of more roses
but anyway, my real goal yesterday was to try for bird shots
too bad there weren’t that much bird on trees 😦
…there were only 3 that I found; 1 photo turned out as expected lol

I also went to Kensington Garden again! haha
so I have 1 shot of swan. Swans don’t stay still lol that’s extremely hard!
I’ve been wanting to try the zoom lens for the swans πŸ˜›

here goes! πŸ™‚

I’ll post of the roses photos later. It’s way too many to be post processed! haha


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