FREEDOM day 02


Today was a bit.. cloudy but I still went out 😛
I was at Trafalgar Square since it had tourism thingy of Thailand going on
Pretty interesting I’d say; I wish I brought my zoom lens; I only had my kit lens since I didn’t think I’d stay long there
lots of food, entertainment (muay thai!) etc etc
now I’m craving for pulut mangga urghhhhh~

Aaaaanyway, putting the photos of Thailand Tourism aside (because I only had snapshot, I’ll put those up in facebook later), when I was about to head off to somewhere else, a group of Gaza Demonstrators came in~ they passed by Trafalgar Square

I was chatting with a friend of mine about it a few days ago and he was asking if there were people protesting in London; which I didn’t know since I haven’t been going out at all during my exam period lol

The demonstration were joined by a whole lot of crowd! seriously!
There were a few Malaysian that joined in the demonstration which I later met them again when I had my dinner at Malaysian Hall

…now that I think about it, I was being reckless isn’t it?
I was alone and I stood in the middle of the crowd taking photos
Good thing it wasn’t an aggressive demonstration

here are some photos of the protest that I had post processed; darkened to focus on particular person that had an eye contact with my camera lol
more photos can be seen from my facebook album

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    • thanks 😀

      i’ve just read the newspaper about the demonstration earlier
      from the photos it did look different; i mean it didn’t give me much impact when i was there watching these crowd here

      but either way, it’s the aim of it what matters 😉

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