FREEDOM day 01


I finally had my last exam on Thursday w00t!
phew that was long! nearly a month! it’s over now yay!

Anyway, exams over means tiem for photos wheeeeeeee~
I planned to go to Kew Gardens but.. well, I overslept and had to replan my day
It gonna take me 51 minutes to get to Kew Gardens; so going when it’s already afternoon is not a good idea at all haha
I’ll be going there some other day 🙂

So, earlier today.. well it was yesterday to be exact as it’s already Saturday now; I was at Regents Park
I wanted to go to Greenwich but it’s gonna take long to get there~
oh well, some other time 🙂

back to Regents Park… I went there on a whim since I had no idea where to go hehe
when I was there last… year? it was full of.. tullips was it? pardon my short term memory lol
It’s now full of ROSES!
all kind of roses, so pretty!!

seriously it looks awesome! I didn’t manage to finish going around the park; I only covered one small part of it so I guess, I’ll be going there again some other time 🙂
I had fun snapping lots of macro photos 😛

and… here you go!

hrmmm… where should I go tomorrow? xD
and oh, I think I’m gonna get a backpack for my camera and stuffs
any recommendation? I was thinking of any from lowerpro or vanguard

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      • serius,buleh buat gini ek.akak ada mactor filter tp lum cubalgi buat gini.dilla pakai dslr series mana?ke dh tanya before this,if yes,maafkan ya,akak terlupa.nanti jawab kt my blog ya!

  1. today, I went to Taman Orkid, Kuala Lumpur…

    This time I try to snap few flower pictures.. even I not really a big flowers fans, though.. hehehe

    anyway when I look the orchids closely; through my camera focal point, then I start realize.. suddenly something rush to my brain, the adrenaline pop-up! Than I say, “WOW! really awesome… beautiful.. No wonder why ladies love the orchids very much!”

    So my heart also become blossom all the days, especially through out the photography session…heheheh

    My suggestion for your next photo hunting is you should try Taman Bunga Orkid Kuala Lumpur..

    but, opsss! you are now in London lorr.. such as rugi lorrr.. hehehehhee….

  2. I really jealoussssss… huhuhhu

    this one you must be using your macro f1.4 yg itu huhuhu.. I want that kind of lens tooooo..

    heheh psst; agak2 kos lens canon 55mm f1.4 kat sana murah tak? kat sini dlm RM1k+++ kalau tak silap RM1600..paling murah pun pernah jumpa dlm Rm1300


    • …mane de macro lens
      tunggu maza bli pastu leh pinjam 😛 ngeheheeh~

      ni guna macro filter yg bli taun lps tu je 🙂

      ramai kwn ckp.. nak murah gi bli kat thailand ke, negara2 asia
      tu diorg kate la kan hehe~

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