3 weeks left before my final exams!
Finally I’m done with my project stuffs! ๐Ÿ˜€
urghh reports sure took long to do; been doing it for 3 weeks, and sort of done with it yesterday (after intensely in it last week hee~)
I’ve just managed to finish with my presentation slides 30 mins ago haha
report, slides, environment assessment, codes, manual DONE DONE DONE!
hopefully I’m not forgetting anything….
yay! no more stuffs except need to revise like crazy now lol

..so yeah, finally had some time to go through the photos that I took 2 weeks ago lol


off to bed now!
it’s nearly 4am, I’m hoping I could wake up by 10am lol
I’ve screwed up my sleeping time; been going to bed at 4/5/6am and wake up at.. ehe~
dah jadi burung hantu daa

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  1. Hi Adila, here’s wishing you the very best of your exams.
    Go exceed yours and everyone’s expectations.
    The World is waiting for your footprints….
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

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