London I


Jalan2 London again~

p/s: yes yes I screwed up my camera setting 😐


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  1. i dunno what u mean by u screwed up your camera setting. hehe…

    saya suka je gambar2 tu. 😛 your sister memang pandai jadi model lah. hehe…

  2. lahh.. y adila tanggalkan skrew kamera.. huhuhu

    karang tak boleh pasang balik camner? Rugi lorrr
    bak sini ler D90 tu…. maza kasik betulkan (jahanamkan) .. apa mcam? wink! wink!


  3. Hi Adila, I have a guitar older than you, ha ha, its a Victor Garcia Flamenco guitar.
    I can’t really play well, but will fool around once awhile some simple tunes.

    I love your guitar, its beautiful.
    And those sunglasses of yours, very stylish.
    You have a pleasant weekend, stay beautiful and simpan satu lagu dalam hati, Lee.

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