Stratford Upon Avon


Shakespeare fan anyone?
Remember one of my posts from last year where I went to the Shakespeare’s Globe in London?
Well, I went to his birth place for a day trip last Saturday 🙂

Stratford Upon Avon really is a nice place
It’s like.. a small and cute town hehe and the buildings there are looking seriously good!
It looks old yet so pretty! I’d go there again for photoshooting! totally an awesome place!

Photos of Stratford Upon Avon, as usual, can be seen in my facebook
Proper photos of a short photoshooting are as below 😛

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    • oohhh cool! 😀
      I’m not really someone who appreciate literature (whew! hard stuffs to understand) but seriously, Stratford Upon Avon is really a nice place to visit 😉

    • you really like them don’t you? 😀
      i don’t think i appreciate it that much.. but places with that kind of history, it’s good to see how ppl make it as a tourist attraction 😉

    • sy tau romeo n juliet hihihi
      tetiba rs mcm nak tgk cerita p ramlee la pulak
      .. eh terlari tajuk~

      cerita2 shakespeare dgn p ramlee mana best? hihi

      • Adila, kat sini dah selalu sangat main citer p ramlee.. tv2. Kak tie rasa dah jelak betul. Dahlah tak ada astro (sebab anak2 hantu kartun), citer kat tv ni entah apa-apa je.. Asyik drama… tu yang selalu tengok youtube je. Sekarang ni kak tie dah jadi kemaruk citer korean, hehe….

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