Hello everyone! haha
It’s been… 2 months? since I last blogging and that also includes bloghopping
and 2 months I didn’t use my camera at all, and 1 month of no facebook
…and I never knew I could last until now haha

to be honest, it was terribly hard during the first 2 weeks; but, oh well, I survived πŸ™‚
good thing I stayed away since most of the time I was in a terrible mood and I felt offensive to whatever people were saying to me hehe

I’m back again just because I’ve had my final year project demo a few hours ago which means, I sort of am free with the loads of stress – not really, still have a presentation regarding it to do and the report haha

but anyway, 6 months of sleeping at 3-4am; doing the same thing, the project every single day, stressing like crazy, pressure like no end, I could now take a breath.. for a bit

the presentation which would be in May is something to worry about, but as for now, just let me enjoy some time off πŸ™‚

oh btw, the semester has ended, so there’s no more classes to attend
there’s only the exam in May and then, I’m done with uni, InsyaAllah πŸ™‚

My project demo earlier was ok.. uhh I think?
It started at 10am-4pm but I had my supervisor and examiner seeing my project before lunch time
so pretty much I was free for the next few hours; playing around as I was feeling so relieved! phew!
Anyway, since I do feel like I’m pretty crappy in writing a blog (it seems so.. messed up?) here are some photos of my project demo earlier πŸ™‚

If anyone care to know, I am doing a software based project focusing on networking πŸ˜‰

…and yes it’s not dslr πŸ˜›

just compact camera haha

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  1. at last.. hehehe
    welcome back to bloggers world hehhee..

    perkhh.. lama sungguh kanzzz.. about 2 month gitew..
    so dgn adanya entry ini terubat jugalah..ehhehehe

  2. Kak tie dah lama tertanya-tanya tentang kehilangan Adila ni. Baru nak tanya Nono hari tu….

    Eloklah beri tumpuan terhadap study. Esok-esok nanti bila dah senang boleh balas jasa ibu dan ayah, ya…

    Selamat berjaya !!

    • hihihi thanks πŸ˜€
      ni psl overexcited satu beban dah lps, tu yg blog balik haha

      sblm ni.. mood agak tak tentu psl stress sgt
      drpd tetiba tercari gaduh dgn org xtentu psl, baik dok diam2 tenangkan diri ekekeke~

      skrg tgh terover happy la pulak~
      aisemen~ hihih

    • this 12th? woah! good luck!!! πŸ˜€
      urgh i only have a month and 10 days to go before my exams; and to go through 6 modules *muntah* lol

      i’m under JPA loan

    • psl fb tu distracting haha
      bosan buat keje tiap2 5 minit check fb
      bahaya betul!

      skali deactivate, haaa.. xde nye berfb hehe
      skrg dah on balik tp xcheck sekerap sblm ni πŸ™‚

    • try it πŸ˜‰
      it feels seriously annoying within the 1st week
      but after than, you won’t even feel like checking it at all

      i had to activate it again cuz fb is my only way to connect back with someone xD

      fb does something good in the end when i thought it’s only there as a stalking place lol hahaha xD

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