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Freeware: PDF Converter + Merger


…once you get into college/uni, PDF files are you best buddy!
be it lecture notes, reports, assignments or coursework, you’ll be asked to send it in in pdf format – that is if you have to submit it electronically of course! haha

******************* PDF Converter ****************************

Before this, as I was using the old Microsoft Office, I used freeware to convert from mword to pdf file. My favourite?


how to use it? well, when you want to convert any files; doesn’t matter from Paint or Microsoft Word, it works in everything! I do use it a lot especially when I want my codes to retain its colour (copy paste from Notepad++ if you’re writing C in it, the various colours for comments, loops etc are lost) so the way out is, make a pdf of it, then copy paste from the pdf into Microsoft Word 🙂
Kudos to Arif for letting me know about pdf retain the colours when copy paste into Microsoft Word. I nearly bang my head when I had to write my report, and when I need to include the codes that I was using, it looks ugly being all black haha
Pdf format is awesomesause!


I wasn’t a fan of Microsoft Office back then; so I was using OpenOffice for a year or two
I really like it, and the best thing about it back then was.. there is an option to save as pdf file
As everyone has Microsoft Office 2007, I don’t think anyone would go for OpenOffice because of that, right? Microsoft Office.. well Microsoft Word 2007 has that option now w00t!
AWESOME! 😀 it’s FREE! It’s similar to Microsoft Office


The option to save as a pdf file is not included when you first install it
I never know about it before until my dad mentioned about it. So I googled a bit since it got me curious and bam! found it!
By the way, I highlighted the wrong option haha – that is if I wanted to use Acrobat Writer
The one installed would be the PDF or XPS

I personally find that it’s better if you have a few of those that I mentioned (or something else) because in my case, sometimes MWord pdf screw up the formatting that I used for my file such as, lines disappear etc
Things like that do happen 🙂 Well.. I need doPDF and MWord since I’m working of various programs/softwares haha

******************* PDF Merger ****************************

Anyway, isn’t it annoying to have several pdf files when it could be combined into one?
Here goes something AWESOME again 😀

I was googling for it since my lecture notes come in week; meaning I have a set of lecture note every week. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all in one? By that, I don’t need to open each files when I move on into the next set of lecture notes, right?


If you have super speed internet, then this would be an option for you
you simply upload the files, it will merge it; and then you’ll need to download the merged file


It looks nice, clean interface and it also provides a tutorial on how to use it haha
pretty handy, I’m loving it! 😀


It got pretty nice reviews/feedbacks from people that used it
I wanted to use this, but PDFSam interface is more to my liking hehe
but anyway, it’s an alternative to use 🙂

If you’re using something else, feel free to share 🙂
There are always pros and cons with these freeware; some got extra functions some don’t 😛
but nevertheless, it does what it says