Blue Mosque


When I was in Istanbul, my family and I went there twice
It really is a nice huge mosque 🙂
I did went inside, it’s BEAUTIFUL!

My dad and bro went there for Friday prayer
How lucky is that! w00t!

I wish I could go there again 🙂
The days when I were there, the weather didn’t turn out that good
Pretty much I didn’t get much decent shots of the mosque 😦
What a shame!

Anyway, as I’m not feeling that great, here goes more black and white photos 😛
Seriously, these photos look better in black and white
Why? Because I say so haha 😛
— and obviously because I’m rather gloomy myself; been in a really foul mood 😦
if growing up is this hard, how I wish I could stay as a kid forever 😦 😦

Other photos can be seen in my facebook album as usual 🙂

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  1. Ish..ish…ish… sambil menggelengkan kepala yang comel ni, ekekeke……

    Macam manalah kak tie boleh miss entry2 Adila ni, ekk.. nanti nak gi check kat bloglist tu.

    Cantik la gambar tu.. macam lukisan pulak!

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