Daily Archives: January 22, 2010

Blue Mosque


When I was in Istanbul, my family and I went there twice
It really is a nice huge mosque 🙂
I did went inside, it’s BEAUTIFUL!

My dad and bro went there for Friday prayer
How lucky is that! w00t!

I wish I could go there again 🙂
The days when I were there, the weather didn’t turn out that good
Pretty much I didn’t get much decent shots of the mosque 😦
What a shame!

Anyway, as I’m not feeling that great, here goes more black and white photos 😛
Seriously, these photos look better in black and white
Why? Because I say so haha 😛
— and obviously because I’m rather gloomy myself; been in a really foul mood 😦
if growing up is this hard, how I wish I could stay as a kid forever 😦 😦

Other photos can be seen in my facebook album as usual 🙂