…since I don’t want to say Hello 2010, I opted for this title instead 😛
new year means less time before lots of deadlines 😦 no good

Anyway, I was in Istanbul during the first week of my sem break; for 5 days and totally enjoyed every second of it!
I finally went through some of the photos; well.. only photos during the 1st and 2nd day that my family and I were there haha
3 more folders to go through!

Istanbul? Apart from it’s hard to communicate with people, it’s a nice place and the temperature is just nice 😀 it gets cold at night but it’s way better than London lol
totally a great escape from London winter! 😛

Enjoy some photos 🙂 more to come!
Not my best shots; but.. oh well~

Now.. back doing my final year project!
I just realized that I did some mistakes within my script generator (yes my program generate script before doing simulation..)
I’m hoping that I don’t need to redo much 😦
…pshhh it seems like I wasted worth 2 days code for nothing 😦 I had to redo it *shot self* and it more likely going to take longer as I’ve forgotten what the code that I wrote for do 😦 damn me and my short term memory! 😦
I wish I’m still in Istanbul at this moment…

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  1. huhuhu

    I have learnt that Istanbul is a wonderful & beautiful place. With a lot of attractive places to be visited. Especially their masjid, such as Aya Sofea Masjid, Blue Masjid, Istanbul Masjid. And the rivers that flowing in the centre of city too. It will definitely offer you an awesome & great spectacular view!

    Despite of Turks not really good in English, actually, the different in language is not a big hamper to mingle around with them. Especially when they are know that we are from Malaysia. A warmest welcome and a big smile will be onto you.

    But still, certain of Turks do not like Malaysian. They consider Malaysia is a Islamic country. And they are not really like to have Islamic system to be part of their life system.

    Turkey, the last Islamic Empire, & it was collapse during Ottoman Caliph reign.

  2. It’s a very beautiful city Istanbul is. One of the places on my wish list (must visit someday). Thanks for sharing the photos with us Adila. I really hope there’s more coz’ I really enjoy looking at those pics above. So beautiful, so wonderful.

  3. Jealous betul tengok Kak Adila dapat tangkap gambar2 building yang sangat cun tuh. Saffa ni, setakat masjid2 putrajaya & klcc tu je lah kowt. Huhu..

  4. Uwaaa…….. Kak tie betul-betul jealous ni !!

    Tempatnya memang menarik (tengok dalam gambar je..)dan teruja dengan pelbagai makanan mereka… Adila rasa macam mana ? Sedap tak ?

  5. Hello Adila, happy new year and all best wishes for 2010.
    I’ve seen Istanbul….in a James Bond movie,ha ha.
    But I sure would like to visit this exotic country.
    You have a great year, Lee.

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