White Xmas?!


It seems like it’s snowing early this year haha
No wonder it’s freezing cold! 😦

I wasn’t expecting any snow even though the forecast did mentioned that it might snow today – it was snowing a few days back, starting on Friday last week where I had a slippery way to my class haha and my lecturer was joking, saying something along this line..

“Did you ski here from the tube station?” haha

Anyway, I went out with my family earlier before the so called heavy snow 😛
It’s consider as heavy as it’s London we’re talking about! lol London snow can’t beat Uncle Lee’s snow, booo London! hehe
I didn’t manage to capture central London in snow as snow was still falling when we were about to head home; I’m not risking my camera to get wet 😛

But when I was nearly home, it wasn’t snowing anymore 😀
So yeah, a few photos! 😀 (I’m still trying out the 50mm lens :))
…and I had snowballs fight with my brother after some poses haha

A few days ago.. well, last Friday to be exact, I went out to central London with my family and managed to snap some photos of the Christmas spirit 😛
London never fails to amaze me with the decorations, especially Selfridges
Last year they came out with the idea of displaying Santa in a tube which got me.. WOW!

Here’s the link to those photos 🙂
This is my favourite from last year.. more can be seen from the link above

This year.. well, I prefer last year’s idea, but it’s not that bad
I only managed to take some of the displays photos as I was on the bus when I took these hehe
I might go back there to take photos of the other displays that I missed 😀

and.. somewhere along the bus route hehe

brrrr it’s cold 😦
I need to go somewhere warmer 😛

P/s: I’m still gila Super Junior the Korean boyband.. Teukie ❤
Super Junior – Candy

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  1. and we actually did poured syrup onto those snow ball..
    hahahhah!! gila perak tak pernah tgk salji!!
    (Tp dulu laaa.. mase memula tgk salji dulu)

    tahun seterusnya, suma orang tak suka salji lagi.
    sebab 120cm walaupun dalam pekan..

    suka gambar posing ngan pokok ber ais tu,
    somehow the shadow effect works 😀

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