Good Luck!


I’ve been into Super Junior a 13 members Korean boy band lately even though I stopped with whatever Korean stuffs some years ago haha
and one of their song called Good Luck which is in my playlist for a week by now (or 2 weeks?) – thus the title; random isn’t it? hehe

Talking about luck, just by chance I saw rainbow from my window a few weeks/days ago
Crappy photo, I know 😦

The lyric has nothing to do with me because it’s about.. good luck in relationship haha, but.. hrmmm I could relate myself to the title πŸ˜› GOOD LUCK WITH THE PROJECT, INTERIM AND ENTERPRISE MGMT REPORTS!! I’m in need of luck. SO THAT EVERYTHING WILL GO WELL! Amen!

Anyway, I haven’t been playing much with my camera lately; stress? HELL YES! It’s not only me, a lot of my friends are too. Such busy time these days 😦
Supposedly, I’m going to another devMeet on Saturday the 5th, but I didn’t go in the end 😦
Too much things to do as deadlines are getting closer haha
meh! it should be fun to go out and chill 😦 a few weeks to go before Christmas break! w00t!

I only had the opportunity to take some photos during my sis birthday last week but it takes forever to post process the photos

Not the best photos I could do, but, hrmm.. pretty decent, I guess? πŸ™‚
until then.. I need to slow down and concentrate on what important first πŸ™‚

You guys have a great day πŸ™‚
Do have fun on my behalf

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  1. gambar pelangi yg penuh,
    bukan calang tu πŸ˜€
    (Ker pocket jer yg tak cukup tangkap gambo lately?)

    amat amat lah mengenvy gambar yg kamu tangkap…
    somehow terasa sentuhan di hati nya gitu:D

    good luck?
    taruk la link, bleh kitorang layan skali…

  2. i’m impress! rasa nak buat gambar nieh jadi my desktop background. do yo mind, dear?

    btw, i snapped a picture of ixora last week and it suddenly reminded me of you.

    take care and good luck to you.

    have fun later:)

  3. Laa… macam mana kak tie boleh tercicir entry ni ? Hu hu…

    Teringin gak nak snap gambar pelangi.. tapi kamera kak tie tu tak cukup changgih laa..

  4. Thanks to YouTube, I manage to listen to the song b4 leaving my comments here. Not bad, not bad at all.. Lepas ni pegi to download the song coz’I think my kids will love it.
    The rainbow pic is nice but I think the others were better. It simple yet alive. Reminds me of famous quotation by Emperor of the Xia Dynasty in China about 4,000 years ago – “A picture speaks a thousand words”.. Well done and good luck with whatever you suppose to do in the coming weeks…

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