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Brrrr~ It’s COLD!


London is cold and wet! 😦
What was my reason to stay in gloomy London? hrmmm~ 😛

Anyway, I just got back from a warm country (take a guess what country was I in if you want :P)
That felt good to be away from everything! (no final year project to think of, no laptop, no stay up late at night) there were only enjoyable moment, carefree life!
I had fun in those 5 days break with only camera in hand 😀

And.. I got around 1000+ photos to go through w00t!

As I haven’t been playing much with my new lens, yep the 50mm, I had my chance to try it out during the vacation
Shade, sun, colourful clothes… PERFECT setting! oh plus the lovely place I was in 😀
everything was right on!

These aren’t the best photos, but most likely better than my previous shots using the same lens 😛

Errr… a lot more photos coming up soon! 😀

White Xmas?!


It seems like it’s snowing early this year haha
No wonder it’s freezing cold! 😦

I wasn’t expecting any snow even though the forecast did mentioned that it might snow today – it was snowing a few days back, starting on Friday last week where I had a slippery way to my class haha and my lecturer was joking, saying something along this line..

“Did you ski here from the tube station?” haha

Anyway, I went out with my family earlier before the so called heavy snow 😛
It’s consider as heavy as it’s London we’re talking about! lol London snow can’t beat Uncle Lee’s snow, booo London! hehe
I didn’t manage to capture central London in snow as snow was still falling when we were about to head home; I’m not risking my camera to get wet 😛

But when I was nearly home, it wasn’t snowing anymore 😀
So yeah, a few photos! 😀 (I’m still trying out the 50mm lens :))
…and I had snowballs fight with my brother after some poses haha

A few days ago.. well, last Friday to be exact, I went out to central London with my family and managed to snap some photos of the Christmas spirit 😛
London never fails to amaze me with the decorations, especially Selfridges
Last year they came out with the idea of displaying Santa in a tube which got me.. WOW!

Here’s the link to those photos 🙂
This is my favourite from last year.. more can be seen from the link above

This year.. well, I prefer last year’s idea, but it’s not that bad
I only managed to take some of the displays photos as I was on the bus when I took these hehe
I might go back there to take photos of the other displays that I missed 😀

and.. somewhere along the bus route hehe

brrrr it’s cold 😦
I need to go somewhere warmer 😛

P/s: I’m still gila Super Junior the Korean boyband.. Teukie ❤
Super Junior – Candy

Love, I’m back AGAIN~



2 reports finally submitted 😀

It feels like forever since I last blog, and bloghopping (and obviously taking photos)
no photos, no update 😦
but anyway, I’m back again ehe~

To tell the truth, I can’t believe myself that I managed not to touch the camera, or going to blogs during those hectic days 🙂 even though I did use my laptop 24/7 – my project is software based, thus I need to do all the interface, debugging etc 😛

but oh, I did fb’ing, youtubing 😛 lol
Super Junior anyone? Check out their awesome dance! Super Junior – Sorry sorry

I’ve been listening to their songs everytime I’m in front of my laptop 🙂
No wonder I fall hard! in love with those guys, especially Teukie oppa~ *whoopsie! accidentally become.. nearly a die hard fan, following Teukie update every single day*

Why am I so into this Teukie guy? Check these links out 🙂
Teukie part 1, Teukie part 2 and another Teukie

Dimple and looks extremely cute in glasses. Dance well, can play piano and I like his voice. What more can I ask? 😛 haha *already melts*

If I ever get a chance, I’d like to photograph him! Nothing pervert puh-liz 😛
Just the commercial photos type that I can be proud of *a camera crazy person, what do you expect? hehe* 😛

Until then, if I ever reach that level, that would be like.. a dream comes true 🙂

But err.. before that, I should do my best and finish with my final semester and graduate! 🙂
Pray for me, amen!

Then only I could do things that I want with photography
I must get my priority right 🙂

Anyway, what are you guys up to all these while? 🙂

I had a rather stressing days.. yes yes with reports and project (4 months left to get things done!) – I can rant forever! 😛

But as it’s now my winter break I’m going to take a break for a bit! 😛

My brain hasn’t been able to work properly lately 😦 No more sleepless night! sleep during the day w00t! Time to recharge!

Anyway, while I was in my slump, depression + super stressed mode (obviously moody as hell lol), people were being really nice towards me 🙂 I really appreciate that. It made me feel really warm and comfy despite the stress that were building in each day

I received so much love even though I’ve been acting rather off than my usual self


9 Dec 2009 (Wednesday)
Gotten a new baby, I’ll reveal at the end of this entry 😛 hohoho~
and.. my loved one arrived in London w00t! *yes yes I’m smiling from ear to ear*

14 Dec 2009 (Monday)
Gotten a 12 months premium membership on deviantArt, courtesy from JP
Last time, I had 1 month premium membership courtesy from Arif

And of course, a lot of people drop me a Hello, how are you even though I didn’t appear online on YM :D</

I babbled a lot, aren’t I? haha that happen as I’m trying to tell everything within the past weeks in 1 entry

…*drum roll*
Enjoy some photos, taken using a 50mm f/1.4G

Welcoming the new baby into Niko’s family!

2 weeks not doing anything photography related, I wasted 30+ shots just to get a feel of my style again and at the same time try to learn using this lens

My advice? Read some tutorials before attempting something haha *terkial2 trying to get the right setting*
I went out with my family an hour after I finished my last class for the semester haha
I just can’t stand not going out apart from uni-home anymore! been doing that for weeks and it driving me crazy!

oh boy! I’m so in love with the bokeh ❤
I can’t use this lens well yet 😦 hopefully I will, soon 😀

Have a great winter break! 😀