Honey, I’m BACK!


what a cheesy title haha

I’ve been gone for nearly 2 weeks due to.. well an exam and it really stressed me out 😦
So, I stayed away from blogging, bloghopping and also from my beloved camera
That was really hard as I had to keep myself from doing things that I enjoy the most 😦
I’m glad that it’s over now! 😀 but it’s still busy as busy as ever!
I’ve been spending my time on my project work which was nearly on schedule last week, but I’m at total lost as I’m writing this 😦 I need to catch up!

BRAIN! WORK PLEASE! *shot self*

A few weeks to go before the semester ends; which means, a lot of deadlines soon *faints*
well, I have 2 deadlines to be exact, 2 reports to hand in in another 2 weeks
I only wrote the draft.. which might ended up left as scrap – meaning, need to rewrite the whole thing again *shot self again*

Anyway, I could rant forever~ haha too much things to do, to little time
thinking takes time! doing things? it takes FOREVER!

First of all, Eid Mubarak everyone! Hopefully you guys had a blast celebrating Eid Adha savouring those yummy food!

I went for eid prayer at High Commission of Malaysia with my sis and her friend as I only had class at 12pm haha (I finally went out! after 2 weeks going to uni-home!)
and.. Tun Mahathir Mohamad and his wife, Tun Siti Hasmah were there!
That was totally unexpected!
Well, I didn’t hear anything about Tun being in London, so that was like… WHA? FOR REAAAL?

Right after the prayer ended, we went home as I need to catch my class 🙂 haha
I didn’t do much during eid 😦

Anyway, enjoy some photos 😀
2 weeks not using the camera, it feels awkward taking photos now! 😦
That totally made me feel like I’d like to go out, snap more photos instead of pulling my hair out figuring ways to do my project haha – I do enjoy doing my project btw 😛 It only gets annoying when I can’t figure things out lol. Totally made me feel worse! 😦

It’s been a while since I last bloghopping
So, how are you guys?
Anything new that I missed out?
Do let me know 🙂

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  1. adila, what software are u use to touch-up the photos ek?


    selamat hari raya qorban gak…
    kali ini dapat tulang lembu.. best wooo.. buat sup! hehehhe

  2. you didn’t missed out that much in mine.
    my internet connection is problematic these days and fortunately i scheduled all my postings before things happen.

    btw, is that siti hasmah?

    wooooww..good quality pix!

    i can see the lines on her face.


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