Food? *drools*


No photos from last week, been extremely busy with my fyp 😦 – I’m 3 weeks behind from my plan.. that is worrying but I can’t seems to finish it on time even though I stay up every single day doing/trying to figure out the best solutions. So yeah, I’m in extremely foul mood I need to get this thing done!!

Here’s what I’ve been up to, this is my 4th draft.. I might redo again but as for now, this is the solution I’m trying to build on 😦 It’s frustrating when you know what you want to do, but not being able to figure out how to make it work.. meh~


Anyway, something to update my blog.. haha
I’ll talk about food!!

Have you ever heard of a dessert called simia?
I’m not sure of the spelling, but it sounds something like that haha
I was first introduced to this dessert 3 years ago by my sis flatmate whom, which I recall, said that simia is a traditional dessert from Pakistan uh.. maybe?
I’m not sure of the facts; I tried googling about this before, but couldn’t get any exact answer
maybe because I got the wrong spelling or something hehe but I’m pretty sure it’s an Asian dessert πŸ™‚

Anyway, here are the ways which I was taught to prepare this dessert πŸ™‚
If you haven’t had this before, I totally recommend it! especially if you love milk!
I totally love milk! especially hot fresh milk yumm!!


Roasted vermicelli

Pour in some milk into the pot, put in the roasted vermicelli and pour more milk until it covers the vermicelli.
Add in some sugar and almond, let it boil. Keep on stirring it all the time. It’s ready to be served after 5-7 mins. Add raisins if you want πŸ˜€




I like it when it’s hot πŸ˜› but it tastes good as well if you put it in the fridge for a while
It doesn’t look that tempting, I know πŸ˜› but heck! it suits my taste anyway haha, plus it’s easy to make πŸ˜›
I was making this at 10pm hahaha! – yes I know, I eat at random time according to my mood πŸ˜›




Mung beans
Brown sugar
Coconut milk

Wash the beans several time, add some water and boil the beans for 10-20 minutes, slowly. I sometimes let it boil for more than 30 minutes haha. Add more water if the beans are still crunchy πŸ˜›
While waiting for the beans, on separate bowl, put some tapioca in, not too much as you don’t want a really thick bubur kacang and add hot water in it. Cover the bowl with something and let it be for 5-10 minutes.

Now, back to the beans. Add coconut milk; the more the better haha πŸ˜› and add some sugar (5-7 tablespoon in my case) Stir it and let it be for 2-3 minutes and add in tapioca (without the water)
Stir a bit and let it boil for 10-15 minutes. Do not stir it; once of twice is fine as you don’t want to spoil the tapioca.
And.. yeah you’re done πŸ™‚

Yep, that’s all for MASAK BERSAMA ADILA πŸ˜› haha
Anyone want to cook the main dish? I can do the dessert part.. HAHAHA!!

I’ve never tried making bubur pulut hitam yet
Maybe soon πŸ˜€ I need to ask mom how to make it hehe

p/s: it’s hard to explain the steps in English.. seriously! haha

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  1. simia definitely not from malay society,
    cause u cant find it served in any malay
    restaurant let it be gerai tpi jalan,
    nor high class candle lit restaurant.

    but i’ve once had simia when i ate in a
    restaurant called chennai, an indian restaurant
    serving north indian food (North or south? cant remember la plak..) and it tasted good!!

    tp yg kitorang makan tu panash n sikiiit
    sangat, cam 50 ml jer gitu gitu, nak lagi….
    i can make em myself!! cause u’ve shown the recipe


  2. maybe orkid’s cafe should do more research.
    it’s like the more i read about food (considering i’m opening that “cafe” this month), the more thing I know that I don’t know.

    Good job!
    You’re introducing something else to me today.
    I’ll keep reading:)

  3. sometimes i just feel like writing everything in malay. but, it won’t improve our english. haha! i know how difficult sometimes english can be!

    simia looks tempting. mouth watering though.

    er, i didn’t know that we put tapioca in bubur kacang.

  4. samia tu macam pelik but i am tempted to try dah sekarang since sangat simple je nak prepare it. πŸ˜› tambah2 lagi sgt curious nak rs it. πŸ˜›

  5. Amboi….

    Dah mula tepek gambor makan-makan pulak!!

    Lama tak buat bubur kacang, teringat citer Azizah…

    “Asyik2 bubur kacang, zizah jelak laa…”

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