Foto ding dinggg~


I still find it weird that facebook translated wall photos as foto dinding

Anyway, here are some old photos which I nearly forgotten haha
all about walls (dinding.. not DING DINGGG~) 😛
I’m hoping I could get new photos this weekend 🙂

I need new inspiration!
any links/photographers/galleries you’d recommend me to take a peek at? 😀

I might go for architecture/interior design photos this week as BBC is saying it might rain during the weekend haha rain.. rain.. go away, come again another day….

I still want to do portraiture as I don’t think I’ve improve at all 😦








p/s: gah! I want a polarizer filter! how come I find it very expensive? nearly GBP30! hopefully there’s Christmas sale for filters soon.. ehe~

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    • the photos won’t have the impact that I wanted if smile 😛
      it would just become a snapshot instead of a proper photo

      it’s intended to not smile

      thanks for the link 😀

  1. kenapa gambar lash yg model dikiri tu,
    dikecilkan aperture nyer?
    kalau dibesarkan aperture (Latarbelakang blur)
    macam highlight kan subject sikit…

    ker zaman sekarang portrait is like that,
    tak macam zaman dulu lagi:)

    tp pocket suka gambor yg first, cam nak wat wallpaper kat desktop jer 🙂

    • jap.. did I misunderstood something here?
      lagi kecil no, means aperture besar, kan? thus the blur
      mine can only get to smallest, 3.5 je 😦
      i do think i used the lowest number; unless i was playing around with the number during that shot haha

      i can’t get the background to blur as i wanted 😦
      ..i should dig some ways out if there’s any hehe

  2. Hello Adila, the photos are outstanding! Well taken and love the vibrant colours.
    My hobby is portraits, I use two SLR film cameras, one for back-up with different film speeds, with accessory flash, most times none, as well a tripod, still as well action shots. Most candid.

    Love your pics…what speed you set? Maybe next time try some action shots, move around, smile and laugh more….what I mean a more candid shots….
    Senyum show your Hollywood smile. Noticed not one pic you senyum, look quite serious, ha ha.
    Anyway, they’re very good. Well done.

    Bila senang, datang pondok saya, playing Teresa teng for you, Lee.

  3. siapa cakaapppp you x improve in portraiture photography???? if pun you rs macam tu, dont worry cus you have your own style. anyway, mind to share me your processing that you selalu guna to edit portrait?

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