London devMeet WHEEEEE~


I went for London devMeet (deviant Art, an online art community meet up) at Jubilee Park, Canary Wharf last Saturday.. yes yes on Halloween! oh wait.. Halloween is on the 31st was it? anyway, that doesn’t matter haha I saw a lot of people dressing up in Halloween costumes along the way 😀 pretty cool 😀

Photo by flavio

Anyway, devMeet… remember the one that I went before, back in June? DevMeet from My Lens That was super bombastic! HUNDREDS people turned up! haha the one that I went during the weekend was smaller, around 22 people turned up. Not bad eyh? 😛

Photo by cei – June devMeet with the people from the headquarter 😛

The devMeet was fun. It felt good to just chill and do nothing 🙂
I met new people which I didn’t talk to during the first devMeet hehe

A lot of photographers!
Funky people, fun people, crazy people 😛
I had a really great afternoon hanging out with these guys

Here are photos from my camera (can also be seen, individual photos in my facebook album: London devMEET


Photo by wojteq2

Photo by l33tc4k30fd00m

Photo by medlilove

Photos by flavio – it’s written..

deviantART LONDON Oct’09




Photo by sherazon

Photo by sonicsaturn


p/s: This is my 2nd time going to London devMeet There’s going to be another one in December.. and Feb/March/April? haha cool stuffs! 😛 Now.. why haven’t I been to any Malaysian devMeet yet? cuz it’s always in KL! haha I’m not a KLian 😛
Let’s have bloggerMeet next time. What do you say? 😀

10 responses »

    • hahahaha fat you?
      i’m not thin either 😛

      then we can go melantak sampai pengsan together 😀
      at least, we tak conscious sgt if over makan or what not 😀 😀 haha

    • slalu klo park2 ni, royal park. tu yg jaga leklok
      tp yg ni.. bkn royal park kot? haha

      tu yg klo time summer, mmg ade je yg bawak kain2 bantal, pehtu tido slamber je kat park WAKAKAKAKA
      psl mmg best giler!

      try buat kat msia.. abes legam la jwbnye haha

  1. cool la adila. you sorang je wakil from malaysia eh? hehe..

    about blogger meet. cool idea tu but the thing is that who’s gonna be the program manager? 😛


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